Spring is a time for Growth

April 29, 2014

Easter has come and gone. Elle has been baptized and baby Cooper has arrived! 

How do the Days go by so quick?

How do we slow time down?

We can’t ….

All we can do is take pictures and make memories

After reading Sonia’s post, I realized my camera is a 5th limb on my body. But, it has to be. How else to capture the sweetest smiles, tiny pieces of hair blowing in the wind, first Easter Egg Hunt or the birth of a brand new miracle. So Sonia, and Jill ( and Katie, “new Mommy”) keep taking hundreds of pictures because it is the only way we will be able to remember that exact expression on Amelia’s face when she is jumping up and down, learning to walk or the reaction of seeing the Easter Bunny for the First time… or playing on a slide.



It is Growing

Amelia and Elle playingAmelia and Elle playing

Easter Day!IMG_3176

IMG_3156Easter was a Great Day!

IMG_3221Her favorite treat out of her basket were the bunny bubbles!


East Egg Hunt- the Golden Egg


 Elle was given a special gift from Gigi, a beautiful necklace that she made for her.

Cooper James Leavell was born on April 22, 2014 at 8:49PM

photos by : the Amazing Andrea Dozier




IMG_3338IMG_3374We can never take to many picutres, so why write when I can show you all the joy and happieness that happens to me every. single. day.

Spring has Sprung, Growing is happening! We can’t stop it, but we HAVE to capture it.


Elle will be 18 months in 2 days….. keep growing my Love!        tear …  happy tear 



To Have and To Hold, From this Day Forward

When you get married, and repeating this part of the vows to your spouse, did you actually know what it meant? Do you even remember saying it or saying something like it? I mean lets be honest! Looking back on our wedding, the day was a complete blur! When people tell you to soak it in, take that advice and squeeze the living daylights out of it. Being able to look back at pictures and see how happy everyone was, how beautiful the day and scenery was and how it was truly one of the best days of our lives is priceless!

To me these words are a spoken promise you make to your spouse and in front of all your loved ones. It means that every day won’t be easy or “fun”, but it’ll be worth it because that’s who you chose to go through life with. I know I haven’t been married for 20 years, but I can say this is one of the best promises I have ever decided to make. I think Shawn and I work really well as a team and when one of us isn’t  having such a great day, the other tries to be more uplifting or pick up some of the nightly duties that the other usually does.

As a new mom I didn’t realize all of the unspoken promises you make…mostly because I chose to bring life into this world and the fact that I wanted to make these promises! They are unspoken promises you fulfill on a daily basis to where they just become second nature. I’ve quickly realized not every day will be the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life, because there’s more crying than usually from the nonexistent naps that happened today, or we’ve changed outfits excessively because she spit up and then got more food on the fresh clothes… I could go on and on! But even these days of crankiness I wouldn’t change.

So as I rock my daughter to sleep for the last time today, I want to squeeze the living day lights out of this moment. I constantly remind myself to cherish the fact that she is mine. I’d go through labor a hundred times more because that means I would have you to hold you, from this day forward my sweet Amelia- and I know EXACTLY what that means.


We had pictures taken yesterday professionally for the first time by Andrea Dozier Photography. She was able to capture our family and I can finally say we have family photos.

Much Love,

A Ray of Sunshine

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy with skies are grey…. but  really you make me happy…  every second of the day

The continuation of Pregnancy Hormones are sky high!  The last few days (Since I posted )  haven’t been so bright for me. (pitty party for me)

Doctor check up on Monday wasn’t the greatest. I am 25 weeks, as you know, and measuring BIG. Darn it. Being pregnant I am already self-conscious of my appearance, double chin, big belly, bigger booty.. you name it I think about it.  I constantly look for somewhat stylish maternity tops that are flowy and not tight fitting. I don’t want to show off the belly. So Monday, doctors appointment ( in a nut shell) ——> measuring big, charlie horses almost every night, so now I am on calcium/magnesium yada yada vitamins and Woohoo next week I have the pleasure of doing the Glucose test, which let’s be honest I failed the first one last pregnancy I already know I will be taking the 3 hour test! GREAT NEWS Right? So then I go to work thinking about all I want to eat is salads and gallons of water! yummy. That lasted about an hour because I had pancakes for dinner and LOVED them.


My Tuesday continued the same way, a lady came up to me and asked so when are you due, I responded “July” her response, “WOW you have 3 more months. You are really out there.” -Yes thank you for reminding me how much weight I have gained.  Moving along, I receive an email from an advertising company that I work with and her email starts off saying, ” Your dad mentioned that you’re due in the coming months, before you get to uncomfortable, since you have twins on the way, I was wondering if we could sit down and discuss future plans.” Really….. TWINS? Nope-there is just one in there. Great thanks Dad, he too thinks I am so big he probably really thinks there are 2 in there.


Wednesday Morning … I woke up thinking these Grey Days have to stop and I need to change it up! So here it is, face my pregnancy!

abby preg 25 weeks parkerHow Far Along: 25 weeks

Weight Gain: 11 pounds … ( plus the 10 pounds that I never lost after Elle was born)

Feeling: Lots of Movement from Baby

Cravings: None this week!

Looking Forward to: Easter Activities with Elle and Brett

p.s. I really do not like pregnancy photos… so this is a big deal for me.

The SUN is out today. It is beautiful and warm. One of my favorite songs came on our work system today, Kisses and Cake by John Powell

I just sat at my desk and listened, as my husband Brett ( yes we work together) walks in my office and says ” This is one of the most relaxing songs and I love it”

I responded, ” It’s one of my favorite’s, do you know why?”

Brett: “No, because its so great”

Me: ” Well, yes but it is also the song we walked down the aisle to.”

Brett:” Yeah, that’s why I love it so much”

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine….



Enjoy your Easter Weekend and remember what is really important in our life~

Today isn’t much but just a few thoughts I wanted to jot down





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