In Remembrance

My mind hasn’t stopped since I heard about this nightmare.

I am actually speechless and having trouble sleeping.

it doesn’t feel right to blog today about all the special moments I am experiencing when I know someone is hurting so much. Maybe tomorrow God will give me peace to carry on.

After reading a few other blogs yesterday and today, I felt it was appropriate to add something. As a blogger I feel we are a community and family. We share so many intimidate thoughts and after reading  this blog yesterday I felt as if Jacqui, Dan and Ryan are a part of my family.  As a Mommy and a funeral director I believe in the importance of reflecting and mourning. There are no right words or any amount of money that could truly help this family. So I just want Jacqui’s family to know is she has support and we are here for her with open arms.

Little Ryan was put on this earth to better Jacqui and Dan – he saved their lives.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1







photo 4
















To continue support donate here

We will continue to pray for Jacqui’s family.


For any of Ryan’s friends – I recommend any of these reads. Resource for kiddies The first book is super great and really helps the healing. I have plenty more literature if anyone needs some information or help on their grieving.





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