19 months and Potty Training…. WHAT?

Yep! We are potty training our 19 month old! I say why not?  AT LEAST TRY!  I told Elle’s doctor a few months ago that I wanted to try it- he said “I would wait until she’s 2” …. Nah

so starting this process I decided ok no reading any books on this! All I needed to know was

1. I needed a potty

2.  I needed kids books for potty time

3. I needed patience- because let’s be honest every parent will say oh Good Luck with that Or that takes forever.

image image


April 30.- (18months) was the first time she went potty on her big girl potty!  It started rough- she cried a lot when we would sit her down. We would read books and then adventualy she would go. But still afraid to go number 2.

Our thoughts: we didn’t want to push this on her, because she is young, but if she shows signs of being ready then why not.

one trick that works for us is that Brett will take her in the morning set her down and say ” ok I am going to go get a new diaper” and as soon as he would leave the room she would go! So maybe she understands Hey Dad I need some private time.  It works every time.

So now, Elle is actually starting to be able to tell me Potty and then we quickly stop what we are doing and run to the potty.

She is doing great! When I have my days off or when she is at my Moms we try to take her to the potty every 20 mins or so.

The week of 6/23-
Elle has gone 4-7 times on the potty everyday so far. She tells me Potty almost every time. She has had dry diapers in between potty breaks also.

Our thoughts: I hear people say this is the hardest thing to do and they feel trapped in their house. We haven’t been the least frustrated with this. We have enjoyed watching her learn to communicate with us and watch her get excited and clap her hands when she goes! We also know people that reward when they go- we thought about it and we decided if she struggled with it then we could do something, but we haven’t had to even think about it yet.

We have a routine. She sits and goes potty. We wipe. We put a new diaper or pull-up on. Say bye bye potty and flush it. Then we wash our hands.

Our goal: train Elle before Parker arrives.
Our fear: is that she is trained and then she back fires when Parker gets here.
So we have a 4-5 weeks until due date! Our plan is to finish this! I have the panties and it’s time to put them on!

For parents that are really trying to get this done and in a hurry too …. Just tell yourself- ” don’t casually train her, if you are going to do it, then do it”.

I do think that if you allow your child to have an accident in their real panties then they learn that oh that doesn’t feel right

Now when it comes to training boys – I got nothing! I hear girls are easier than boys? I know I will need advice when that time comes.



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