Robinson update …. Parker is Parked!

In 1 dayI will be 40 weeks! Enough said….. The majority of you most likely know how I feel!
Achey legs, cramps in my back, Braxton hicks ( which I keep thinking are real) , a foot in my ribs at all times, and exhausted after being on my feet for 10 mins. Because of 2 reasons 1. Heavy belly and 2. Can’t sleep so just tired most of the time!

Am I complaining? Nah- just being truthful- in case you are on the fence about getting pregnant.

I will say I am not a person who likes being pregnant- I am the person who would rather have the baby out than in.

BUT…. I wouldn’t Change this for the world!

I really thought Parker would have made his appearance about 10 days ago. I think he likes it inside to much. My doctor was out of the office on business all week and her partner doctor just had hand surgery- so it’s actually a great thing that Parker stayed parked.

Elle update- I would say she is completely potty trained until she goes to sleep. The night time will have to come on its own. My advice- don’t rush things. It took Elle a few months but we had no stress and no real issues. And we didn’t have to go to rewards! I think it’s because Girls learn easier?! Kidding- but it was pretty easy for Elle.
Today- was a great day! Full of food and friends/ family!
Sonia and her family were in from GA- so the 3 mommas were together and I could have spent all day with them . Xo –
Tomorrow – doctors apt. So let’s see if Parker makes his entrance before then!

Safe travels home Sonia-. See you in a couple of months.,


And… Happy 3 years to the love of my life!


The secret ingredient!

Hey! Just wanted to share a yummy made up recipe that we love!
We call it….. the smoothie!

When I feel that Elle hasn’t had a good veggie day I always like to get something else nutrious in her! So probably 3 times a week we make smoothies

The ingredients for this one is

1/2 Dannon yogurt
1/2 organic Greek yogurt
Whole banana
Scope of organic peanut butter ( Elle’s was without the peanut butter)
A handful of spinach leaves (the secret ingredient)
Simple as that!

I added the peanut butter for me because it added a little extra sweetness! She nor my husband has any idea – about the special ingredient. This is normally an after lunch snack or after dinner snack.

I also use to make all my smoothes in my kitchen aid blender- but recently my mom found a great deal at Sams on this handheld mixer for smoothes or other drinks! It’s easy to use and clean up! LOVE IT!








This Smoothie did turn out green- which didn’t bother Elle at all!

Yesterday I made one that had ice, the same yogurt, spinach leaves, broccoli and blueberries!


It was pretty yummy still!
We’ll just a quick tip that I wanted to share! We are happy because Elle is getting her veggies some way or another! Not to mention easy cleanup! I love the new mixer I have!

Next post will be baby update