Cannon Wayne- 12 months


Cannon is ONE

Between visitors, the birthday bash, and our FAVORITE season ( football season) starting, we have been so busy and exhausted. So thats my excuse for writing this post two weeks late! Even two weeks later I can’t believe i have a ONE year old– he still seems like such a baby to me, but growing more independent each day. Between his sweet giggles, ” woofing” at every animal,and signing “more” at the sight of any food…. we just can’t get enough of him. Here are Cannon’s stats at 12 months!

Weight/Height: 25lbs, 33 inches (97 %)
Hair/Eyes: Blonde, growing everyday / Big Brown Eyes
Diapers: Huggies Size 4
Clothes: 24 months/2T
Eating: Cannon is eating ALOT and ALL THE TIME. He loves to eat. He still hasn’t refused or acted like he didn’t like a food we have offered. He has added a couple snack times now and still finishes his dinner and eats way more than we think he will. He sign “more” anytime he sees food ( at the grocery, in a book, walking through the kitchen) He has been loving bananas ,eggs , & yogurt this month. We think he must have hit a growth spurt because each meal is a feast for Cannon.
Sleeping: Sleep has been rough for Cannon the last couple weeks. He normally takes two naps, one around 9:30 and one around 2:30. Lately he’s been crying at the sound of “nap”, “sleep” or “bed”. He has been better about letting us sing and rock him to sleep (can take up to 45 minutes), but some days he boycotts one nap & has had a few nights of refusing to go to bed. Once we turn the lights on, he is fine and just wants to play. Bedtime is around 7-7:30, and Cannon was doing really well staying asleep until around 1 and then sleeping with us until 7 am, lately he’s been fighting the bedtime and then waking up more often. It could be a growth spurt, could be all the craziness of so many guests and visitors during his birthday party weekend. We are hoping to be back on a schedule soon! Cannon just likes to stay up and play more than sleep.
Favorites: Balls, dogs, music, daddy’s guitar, eating, golf clubs, walks, blueberries, watermelon, swimming, books (little blue truck leads the way), all animals, playing with rocky,beach, swimming,  bath time, dancing, brushing his teeth, shape sorter, giving kisses , giving Eskimo kisses
Milestones: Cannon has been much more active and always on the go this month. Cannon has started pulling up to his feet recently, climbing up the stairs, pointing to body parts when asked, crawling super fast, giving lots of high fives, giving eskimo kisses when asked, “eat” sign language to tell us when he’s hungry, blowing kisses, working on “please” sign language, and mimicking everything.



I can only imagine how fast this next year is going to fly by with our little busy bee, but it sure is lots of fun watching him grow! Heres to another great year of getting to know our sweet Cannon ( and to better naps?)!