Fall Fun!

Fall Fun!

I’m sure anyone who knows me knows Fall is my favorite..mainly because FOOTBALL! We have been enjoying every ounce of Georgia Southern football this year & we LOVE it. I also love all of the fun things fall brings–  hayrides, … Continue reading


It has almost been 7 weeks , 7 amazing, stressful, perfect, quick but slow 7 weeks.
7 weeks or 49 days or 1176 hours or 70,560 minutes AGO I gave birth to our sweet little Parker J.

And out of those 1176 hours I probably have slept 10- or maybe it just feels like it. The other 1166 hours are consumed of Elle, Parker, potty training, nursing, laundry, dishes, nursing again, cooking, pumping, nursing, oh yeah husband, you get the point. What do I need more of- sleep and showers!

My tireless mind is going in 20 different directions! So many thoughts, things to do, things that can wait, things that can’t wait, Elle’s 2nd birthday, Brett’s birthday, holidays, going back to work next week.

I have wanted to blog since the day I came home from the hospital and I am finally getting around to it!

No more talk- time to sleep before Parker wakes up!

Take a look

Meet Parker
Photos by Andrea Dozier







She is the best little Mommy.

Thank you Lord for giving me the privilege of looking at these two miracles for the last 7 weeks!

My world, my flesh and blood, my children.