Chandler Marie- 6 months!


This little lady just had a 1/2 birthday!! She is the happiest , easiest baby! I swear her cheeks must hurt each night from smiling all day! She loves a football game like her momma, thinks her brother is the greatest thing ever & will talk your ear off if you let her. 🙂

Happy 6 months my little ladybug!

Weight/Height: 21 lbs (100th percentile) 29 inches ( 100th percentile)

Hair/Eyes: Chandlers hair is coming in more everyday! Her hair is a dark blonde and curly when hot or humid! Her eyes are still turning round, they have a big brown ring in the middle!

Diapers: Honest size 4s

Clothes: 12-18 months and 18-24 months depending on the style. I love girls clothes bc dresses can be tunics or shirts once they’re too small! Pjs :18 months & 18-24 months

Eating: Chandler is still breastfeeding on demand, usually about 2.5-3  hours during the day. She normally eats twice during the night. We started giving some solids about a week ago using the baby led weaning approach, so just appropriate foods that we’re eating if she’s awake for those meals. So far she’s had a little mango, banana, watermelon, avocado & broccoli. Fruits are her favorite. The taste of broccoli makes her gag. She gets so excited when she has food or her kidsme feeder on her highchair tray!

Teeth: Her bottom right tooth popped the day she turned 6 months!

Sleeping: Chandler is still a pretty good sleeper! She’s had a few nights the last couple weeks of waking up a lot, but back to sleep with her paci or being rocked. We are pretty sure its because of teething! Most nights she’s down by 630-7 , eats around 11-12 & around 4 and she’s up for the day around 7. She takes 2-3 naps a day in her crib or the carseat if we are on the go. She loves to be rocked, given her paci and then down on her belly or side to sleep! She usually takes 45min- 1.5 hour naps. If she wakes up smiling we know she’s ready to get up! If she wakes up from a nap crying, we give her her paci or rock her and she’s back down for a little bit longer.

Favorites: baths, chew beads, paci, sophie, banana tooth brush, watching big brother, being carried in the ergo, eating, sitting up, standing up,  reading books, being tickled, kisses, watching the dogs, going on walks, patty cake, exersaucer & being talked to!

New this month: Sitting up! She started sitting up pretty well around 5.5 months and now can sit up for long periods of time but we are always sitting behind her just in case! She’s rolling all around, turning on her belly to get to what she’s reaching for. She’s also started crying/whining when we leave the room! She loves our undivided attention so once we are  giving it her to and then walk away she’s not a happy camper! She has started to reach for her paci in her crib and put back in her mouth— sometimes she gets it and can put herself back to sleep! She started chewing on her toes a lot this month. She loves to reach her arms up and grab your face and give us big sloppy kisses! She manages to light up the room even more these days! She’s as sweet as they come!

Can you guess who made her smile?

Can you guess who made her smile?


6 months= chew on all things!


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