Chandler Marie 8 months

Chandler is our sassy, fun, loud, charming EIGHT month old! She just keeps getting more lovable..we are having such a great time watching her grow!

Chandler 8 Months

Weight/Height: Around 23 lbs!

Hair/Eyes: Still blonde and still curly when humid! Eyes somedays look hazel, some days greenish, still a brown ring in the middle.

Nicknames: Sissy, Sissy girl, Lady bug, little lady, Chan

Diapers: Honest size 5s

Clothes: 18-24 months & some 2Ts.

Eating: Breastfeeding every 2.5-3.5 during the day and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the table with everyone. She will only nurse when she is really hungry for her milk, if she’s not hungry, she’s not having it! Chandler loves to eat and loves to let us know she’s ready for food the second she sees it! She is not a happy camper if you decide to eat something in front of her without letting her get a taste and shell let you know about it. She loves english muffins with cheese, greek yogurt, broccoli,  avocado, pizza crust,cheese slices, spaghetti squash with pasta sauce, any frozen fruit, quesadillas,  clementines, mango and pretty much everything else we put in front of her.

Teeth: 6, with # 7 breaking through on top.

Sleeping: Every other week is different with sleeping. She takes two naps a day around 10 & 2, usually only 45 min- an hour, but occasionally shell surprise us and sleep 1.5 hours. She almost always naps in the car. After bath and books, she goes to bed between 6-7 and is up for good at 6 the next morning. On a good night she wakes up around 10, 1 & 4. She eats at 1 & 4 am . Some nights she’s up every 2 hours from the beginning, we just never know with this little lady. She does usually go back down with just a her paci and a couple minutes of rocking, but usually it has to be mommy or she is not a happy camper.  She loves sleeping on her left side & her belly!

Favorites: Playing with Cannon, singing songs, patty cake, peek a boo, touch and feel books, all teethers, sophie, chewbeads, eating, being carried in the ergo, standing up, anything thats not a toy, all tags, watching the dogs play, bathtime,  brushing her teeth, animal noises & being tickled.

New this month: lots of babbling “ dada dada, mama mama” , loudest high pitched squeal(sometimes happy, sometimes when she’s upset), scooting backwards , pivoting around and moving  when sitting, trying to army crawl, mimicking when we do things ( clap, blow, cluck), learned to take her bows out, gets upset when mommy leaves the room or even walks across the room & doing everything she can not to get her diaper changed

Dislikes: Strangers ( especially men), seeing something she wants and cant have, seeing mommy walk away, getting her diaper changed &getting dressed

Hope yall had a wonderful blessed Christmas season!




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