Chandler Marie 9 months

IMG_2018Chandler Marie has blossomed so much in the last month. More giggles, more precious squinty smiles, open mouth kisses and SO much personality from our little lady bug in the last month. Shes turning into quite the social butterfly. She is always on the move, has no interest in being still.   She is sassy when she wants something, so loveable when she wakes up, and oh so patient when her toddler brother demands every ounce of my attention.  From her big bright eyes to her contagious grin– she makes me melt everyday. We love you forever Chandler Marie!

Chandler 9 Months

Weight/Height: Around 23 lbs ( 95%) 30.25 inches ( 100%)

Hair/Eyes: Chandlers curly blonde hair is getting thicker everyday! Eyes still looking brown/hazel

Nicknames: Sissy, Sissy girl, Lady bug, little lady, Chan

Diapers: Honest size 5s

Clothes: 18-24 months,  2Ts.

Eating: Breastfeeding every 3-3.5 hours during the day and twice during the night. Eating three meals a day. She doesn’t eat a lot of breakfast, usually a little yogurt or scrambeled egg yolk. Her favorite meals are lunch and dinner. Favorite foods this month: cheese & avocado quesadilla, frozen yogurt pops, peas, clementines, tomatos, strawberries, any bread, any cheese, noodles and green beans. 

Teeth: 7 with the 8th popping through on the bottom.

Sleeping: Whew this month as been the worst so far! We had a couple weeks where she was up every hour to 1.5 hours. A few nights, we have ended up brining her to our bed just so we can get a few hours in before they are both up at 6 am! A lot of days I would put both kids in the car during her naptime so she would get a good one in!   Most days she takes a nap around 10 and another around 2 , usually an hour long. On a good day I might get 1.5 hours. After bath time we read lots of books and play until bedtime between 630-7. She eats one last time and then rocked to sleep with her paci! On a good night, she wakes up around 11 & 3 to eat.   She is then up for good around 6-7am. 

Favorites: Watching and playing with Cannon, bathtime, itsy bitsy spider, clapping, patty cake, her sippy cup, chewbeads, sophie, touch and feel books, standing up, being tickled, sign language, animal noises, bath time ,remotes,  tags, peekaboo , being carried in the ergo & chewing on all things! 

New this month:

Mimicking “muahh”, waving more, clapping her hands together ( cutest sound ever), trying to pull up, on all fours crawling a couple paces, going from laying down to sitting up, crawling backwards,  trying to mimic itsy bitsy movements, signing ” all done”, not being scared of strangers!

Dislikes: Having a dirty diaper, getting her diaper changed, being tired, being laid down awake in her crib, getting dressed, not getting something she wants, not being able to reach something.









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