Chandler Marie- 10 months




We are less than two months away from a special little lady’s first birthday! This post is a couple weeks late because..well..because TWO mobile, all over the place, into everything babies! I can barely turn my head for one minute without the toddler trying to escape outside and the baby shoving something in her mouth ( probably something gross or semi dangerous).

Anyways, here are some stats on our spunky Chandler Marie at 10 months!

Chandler 10 Months

Weight/Height: around 23lbs 

Hair/Eyes: Eyes are still a blueish/grey with brown in the middle! She now has long enough hair for the cutest little curly pony tail on the top of her head. Her hair is still blonde and curly curly when its hot or humid out!

Diapers: Honest size 5s.

Clothes: 24 months, some 2 T.

Eating: Chandler really started spreading her nursing sessions out  this month. She breastfeeds 4-5 times a day, and once at night. She eats breakfast, lunch and dinner and usually one snack during the day. Favorites are avocado, turkey, yogurt, clementines, quesadillas, toast, cheese, peas , green beans & spaghetti. All time favorite : clementines— do not try to eat one around her without sharing!

Teeth: 8!

Sleeping: By the far the worst month of sleep yet! Some nights Chandler was up 8+ times (never sleeping longer than 2 hours) , some nights she ended up in our bed so we could get a couple hours in, but she still would wake up after 2 hours of sleep. She just wants mama and then she just wants to play. Her naps this month weren’t as bad as the night time sleeping but they weren’t great either. She usually takes two naps 10 am & 230— about an hour each. We took several car rides this month just so she would get some rest. We are all exhausted and hoping this next month we can solve these sleeping issues!

Favorites: Standing up on everything, trying to climb the stairs, playing with Cannon, chewing on everything she’s not allowed to, music , dancing, bath time, blowing kisses, chasing Cannon, clapping, toys that play music, cannons toy cars, climbing all over mommy and daddy, being held, touch and feel books, brushing her teeth, mr. potato head & giving lots of hugs and kisses!

Talking:  Chandler starting using her sign language a lot more this month ! She uses the sign for “more” , ” eat” and “all done”. She tries to do the sign for milk but normally just ends up doing “more”. She loves  to wave and say “hii”, she will mimic animal noises- her favorites are duck, bear, cow and dinosaur,  she says
“dadada”, she occasionally gets “ Mama” out but usually when we ask her to say mama she says “ baba” , she will try to sing along to itsy bitsy spider and its the sweetest thing ever!




I am off to plan a FIRST birthday party!

Xo- Sonia