No preparation 

No one could have prepared me for this. 

How are you doing it? Because I need help, no more than help. I need a flippin’ miracle. 

I am talking about preparing for Pre-school. Or any school- or taking your sweet baby somewhere new and actually leaving them there….. Like WT*<+#%. 

I cannot wrap my head around the concept of dropping my sweet piece of perfection off at a public place and then leaving, like physically leaving her there. 

There is no way I will be able to drive away.

I have put every single thought, element, muscle and action into protecting my loves every day of their life and now it’s a game changer. 

I recently was told to start looking into programs for Elle since she will be 4 in November…. Little did I know I should have started this process like a year ago. Again, who is suppose to prepare me for this?

So I have started the search and woah it’s a toughy….. Actually near impossible. 

The first place I visited I was so beside myself that my mind actually went blank that when the cordinator asked me Elle’s birthday….. I couldn’t even answer that question correctly…. I randomly said August. ??? WRONG ABBY… November 1. That was before I tripped over steps. 

Needless to say I need advice/ help/ guiadance/ prayers about this. 

I didn’t go to pre-school and I don’t really have many people I know that are going through this process in life. 

Since visiting yesterday my mind has been going 1000000 miles a minute.

Here are a list of thoughts and questions that I can’t get out of my head…. Maybe you can relate 

1. Male teacher vs. female teacher 

2. And if it is a male teacher… How do you help my 3 yr. old little girl to the bathroom?? (Not happening) 

3. The only people to have ever watch my babies are either grandparents or sisters…. So how would I leave her with a stranger ?? 

4. Is it really good for her? 

5. How are others treating her? But how is she treating others? 

6. Is it going to change her? For the bad? Or maybe the good? 

7. What if someone breaks in and takes them? 

8. How old is the food there? Or how often are things cleaned? Or wait, do I pack their lunch ? 

9. Why is there even pre- school ? 

10. Why are we concerned with being “social” when they are 36 months old?? 

11. Who thought of these social norms? 

12. Is it wrong to “want to “keep them Sheltered and out of the way of harm and the bad things in life? 

Some of my thoughts are ridiculous and I know that…… But …. I’m her protector. 

How come no one prepared me for this? 

Lord give me peace and strength to make the right and best decision for My children.  



One thought on “No preparation 

  1. Such honest thoughts! Raising children is the most important job in the world. You are their protector. And as a personal opinion from a teacher/mom/ grandma you do not have to send your child to preschool! As long as they are being read to, played, with, given outdoor experiences and play with other children, taught respect manners, etc, learn Abc’s they will be fine. Personally. Other teachers may not think so, but having worked in preschools I can do just as good or better? Love you more than you know!

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