Chandler Marie- 12 months


One year ago I gave birth to the sweetest & sassiest little girl, Chandler Marie. One year ago we went from a family of three to a family of four! What a wonderful day it was and what an even better year it has been. This little girl brings so much personality and light to our days. We could never express how thankful we are for her. She changes so much each month( like these babies tend to do) . I’m trying my hardest to remember and memorize every single stage because they all are the best!


Here are some stats on our energetic, loving beautiful little lady!

Chandler Marie- 12 months

Weight/Height: 22 lbs 12 oz, (80%)  Chandler has actually lost a little weight in the last couple months! Probably from all the stair climbing! She is 31 inches long ( 98 %)

Hair/Eyes: Eyes are a hazel color with a brown ring in the middle! Her hair has the cutest curls and is coming in more blonde everyday. We love pony tails and pig tails these days!

Diapers: Honest size 5s.

Clothes: 24 months, some 2 T.

Eating: Chandler is nursing a few times a day and once at night. She has started drinking breastmilk in a cup during the day as well! She loves to eat! Her favorites this month include : bagels, blueberries, pasta, green beans, peaches, chicken, cream cheese, bananas, watermelon, crackers, oatmeal and yogurt popsicles

Teeth: 8 and one molar that has broke the skin , I’m sure the others aren’t far behind!

Sleeping: Chandler is so up and down each month with her sleep habits! The beginning of this month was great, towards the end she started waking up more frequently at night for longer stretches, but it could be that molar coming in! She usually sleeps 7-6 waking up at 12 and then waking up at 4 to eat. She takes two naps a day, both for about 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes these are in the car, sometimes in the ergo and most of the time in her crib! A lot of her morning naps end up being in the car because we always have something to do around 9-10. She gets fussy when we first sit in her rocker, but usually I can sing her a song and she lays down on my chest and falls asleep. She does not like blankets! She’s a belly sleeper and I think looking the monitor and seeing that little baby butt in the air when she’s asleep is the cutest thing ever!

Favorites: Walking holding our hands, playing outside, following Cannon, playing dinosaurs with Cannon, standing up on everything, climbing the stairs, wagon rides, banana toothbrush, bathtime, singing songs, dancing, music, sliding, swinging, trying to chew on all things she shouldn’t chew on, putting on shoes, giving kisses and hugs when asked ( they are the absolute sweetest things),  taking bows out of her hair to chew on them, playing with tea cups, playing with Manny & mimicking animal noises (elephant, puppy, fish, cow, dinosaur, tiger)

Talking: Chandler has been signing a lot this month. New this month she has been doing the sign for “milk” and “please” and using the “more” sign for when she is hungry and for other things other than just food. She talks so much! She will try to repeat almost anything we say, the cutest ones this month have been banana, bath time, all done, puppy & Cannon. She will say “ hii” or “bye bye” to anyone walking in and out of a room.




This girl’s cheeks have to be sore each night from smiling 90% of her day! We love her so much and can’t wait to see what year two brings for this little love bug!!


Sonia Marie