Bump date– 39 weeks

Bump date– 39 weeks

This bump can’t stop won’t stop. I have been amazed with both pregnancies how much these sweet babies ( and bellies) grow the last 4 weeks!     How far along: 39 weeks Due Date: 4/27/15 Gender: Girl! Belly Button in/out: Way Out! Wedding rings … Continue reading

This is getting hard 

I had to stop what I was doing to jot down my thoughts. 

This is getting hard~

People say parenting is the hardest thing but the most rewarding thing we do in life ~ 

I think I’m starting to understand the hard part

Sure I have had my freak out moments  with two babies. Both crying and screaming….. I have experienced those sleepless nights, where PARKER is awake at 1AM and then ELLE at 3 and PARKER again at 5 then ELLE up at 6 for the day; or where both kids, my husband and myself have all been sick,  or those days when PARKER will only sleep if he is being held but ELLE wants to held the equal amount of time. 

News flash…. 

That’s not “the hard” that people are taking about 

I was putting my sweet Elle to bed tonight and i gazed at her face. I stared and stared and she has changed. 

She has grown, she is older, she has a new presence and a new role. I tricked her into letting me hold her like a baby tonight while putting her to bed- and I tried my hardest to see that baby in there. It was hard, i covered up her hair and just wanted to see her big eyes, cute small nose and mouth full of teeth. Doing that- I could almost barely see that baby Elle. 

She isn’t the only one anymore, she is the big sister and she will be 3 this year. 

I am quickly learning what the hardest part of parenting is.  

The hardest part is letting go! 

Spring has sprung again- and how crazy that it’s April of 2015 already.  


Cooper, Elle and PARKER-2014 picture credit – Andrea Dozier’ Photography   

Bumpdate – 36 weeks

Bumpdate – 36 weeks

Happy April! It’s baby month !     How far along: 36 weeks    Due Date: 4/27/15    Gender: Girl!    Belly Button in/out: Out!    Maternity clothes?: Absolutely– and running out of room in some of those too.    Movement: Still lots of movement from this … Continue reading