Chandler Marie- 3 Months

Our darling baby girl is 3 months! She’s a talker, a little dramatic & as cute as ever. We love her so much and can’t imagine life without her!


Chandler 3 Months

Weight: A little over 17 lbs

Hair/Eyes:  Chandlers eyes are still a dark grey, we are guessing they will turn brown eventually..Chandler has lots of new hair coming in where she has lost her newborn locks, her hair seems to be coming in light! Her hair is also super curly when we go outside the heat! She still has a bald spot on the back where she sleeps 🙂

Diapers: We are in size 3s— Honest brand , watermelon is our favorite print this month.

Clothes: Carters is 9 months and 12 months, Baby Gap is 6-12 months

Eating: Chandler is still breastfeeding on demand, usually about 2-3 hours during the day  and a few longer stretches at night. She doesn’t usually show many hunger cues until she’s starving— and then we all know girl is ready to eat! Sometimes she is satisfied on just one side, she is also sometimes picky about the position she is in while eating and not always crazy about nursing covers. So far she’s not a comfort nurser & wont nurse to sleep, if she’s not hungry..shes not eating!

Sleeping: Chandler takes several short naps during the day with a long day in the morning around 1.5 hours. She goes to bed around 7 each night and wakes up for good around 7am with a few feedings in between. ( usually 1 am and 5 am) She loves to take naps sleeping on her side with her pac. At night, she usually goes to bed about 30 min- an hour after her last feeding. She likes to be swaddled, given her paci and rocked for a few minutes. We can then lay her down awake and she puts herself to sleep. We are still working on the longer stretches of sleep, but really she’s great sleeper and we are thankful!

Favorites: Being carried, pacis, babbling, being talked to, bathtime, toys that jingle or rattle, chewing on her hands, being kissed, her big brother, holding onto a blanket when in carseat or sleeping, holding my finger when being rocked or in carseat, ceiling fans, lights,  her swing, sleeping in the car,  standing, sitting up, stretching in the morning after being swaddled all night.

Milestones: Chandler has really developed quite the sweet personality this month, its so fun to make her smile and giggle! She has started following us across the room & lighting up when you talk to her. We love her spit bubbles, laughs and constant chattering. If she’s awake and content she is probably talking! She is getting really good at tummy time and starting to try to roll over, but gets stuck on her side. She has started to love watching toys especially if they make a sound. She is becoming cuter and sweeter by the day— we just can’t get enough of this darling girl!

IMG_9252 IMG_9279 IMG_9255 IMG_9294




One thought on “Chandler Marie- 3 Months

  1. Precious, precious, precious! What a cutie. She’s going to be so beautiful – poor Matthew! Isn’t it amazing how different sibs can be? Especially girls – they’re girls!

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