Chandler Marie- 12 months


One year ago I gave birth to the sweetest & sassiest little girl, Chandler Marie. One year ago we went from a family of three to a family of four! What a wonderful day it was and what an even better year it has been. This little girl brings so much personality and light to our days. We could never express how thankful we are for her. She changes so much each month( like these babies tend to do) . I’m trying my hardest to remember and memorize every single stage because they all are the best!


Here are some stats on our energetic, loving beautiful little lady!

Chandler Marie- 12 months

Weight/Height: 22 lbs 12 oz, (80%)  Chandler has actually lost a little weight in the last couple months! Probably from all the stair climbing! She is 31 inches long ( 98 %)

Hair/Eyes: Eyes are a hazel color with a brown ring in the middle! Her hair has the cutest curls and is coming in more blonde everyday. We love pony tails and pig tails these days!

Diapers: Honest size 5s.

Clothes: 24 months, some 2 T.

Eating: Chandler is nursing a few times a day and once at night. She has started drinking breastmilk in a cup during the day as well! She loves to eat! Her favorites this month include : bagels, blueberries, pasta, green beans, peaches, chicken, cream cheese, bananas, watermelon, crackers, oatmeal and yogurt popsicles

Teeth: 8 and one molar that has broke the skin , I’m sure the others aren’t far behind!

Sleeping: Chandler is so up and down each month with her sleep habits! The beginning of this month was great, towards the end she started waking up more frequently at night for longer stretches, but it could be that molar coming in! She usually sleeps 7-6 waking up at 12 and then waking up at 4 to eat. She takes two naps a day, both for about 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes these are in the car, sometimes in the ergo and most of the time in her crib! A lot of her morning naps end up being in the car because we always have something to do around 9-10. She gets fussy when we first sit in her rocker, but usually I can sing her a song and she lays down on my chest and falls asleep. She does not like blankets! She’s a belly sleeper and I think looking the monitor and seeing that little baby butt in the air when she’s asleep is the cutest thing ever!

Favorites: Walking holding our hands, playing outside, following Cannon, playing dinosaurs with Cannon, standing up on everything, climbing the stairs, wagon rides, banana toothbrush, bathtime, singing songs, dancing, music, sliding, swinging, trying to chew on all things she shouldn’t chew on, putting on shoes, giving kisses and hugs when asked ( they are the absolute sweetest things),  taking bows out of her hair to chew on them, playing with tea cups, playing with Manny & mimicking animal noises (elephant, puppy, fish, cow, dinosaur, tiger)

Talking: Chandler has been signing a lot this month. New this month she has been doing the sign for “milk” and “please” and using the “more” sign for when she is hungry and for other things other than just food. She talks so much! She will try to repeat almost anything we say, the cutest ones this month have been banana, bath time, all done, puppy & Cannon. She will say “ hii” or “bye bye” to anyone walking in and out of a room.




This girl’s cheeks have to be sore each night from smiling 90% of her day! We love her so much and can’t wait to see what year two brings for this little love bug!!


Sonia Marie




No preparation 

No one could have prepared me for this. 

How are you doing it? Because I need help, no more than help. I need a flippin’ miracle. 

I am talking about preparing for Pre-school. Or any school- or taking your sweet baby somewhere new and actually leaving them there….. Like WT*<+#%. 

I cannot wrap my head around the concept of dropping my sweet piece of perfection off at a public place and then leaving, like physically leaving her there. 

There is no way I will be able to drive away.

I have put every single thought, element, muscle and action into protecting my loves every day of their life and now it’s a game changer. 

I recently was told to start looking into programs for Elle since she will be 4 in November…. Little did I know I should have started this process like a year ago. Again, who is suppose to prepare me for this?

So I have started the search and woah it’s a toughy….. Actually near impossible. 

The first place I visited I was so beside myself that my mind actually went blank that when the cordinator asked me Elle’s birthday….. I couldn’t even answer that question correctly…. I randomly said August. ??? WRONG ABBY… November 1. That was before I tripped over steps. 

Needless to say I need advice/ help/ guiadance/ prayers about this. 

I didn’t go to pre-school and I don’t really have many people I know that are going through this process in life. 

Since visiting yesterday my mind has been going 1000000 miles a minute.

Here are a list of thoughts and questions that I can’t get out of my head…. Maybe you can relate 

1. Male teacher vs. female teacher 

2. And if it is a male teacher… How do you help my 3 yr. old little girl to the bathroom?? (Not happening) 

3. The only people to have ever watch my babies are either grandparents or sisters…. So how would I leave her with a stranger ?? 

4. Is it really good for her? 

5. How are others treating her? But how is she treating others? 

6. Is it going to change her? For the bad? Or maybe the good? 

7. What if someone breaks in and takes them? 

8. How old is the food there? Or how often are things cleaned? Or wait, do I pack their lunch ? 

9. Why is there even pre- school ? 

10. Why are we concerned with being “social” when they are 36 months old?? 

11. Who thought of these social norms? 

12. Is it wrong to “want to “keep them Sheltered and out of the way of harm and the bad things in life? 

Some of my thoughts are ridiculous and I know that…… But …. I’m her protector. 

How come no one prepared me for this? 

Lord give me peace and strength to make the right and best decision for My children.  


Chandler Marie – 11 months

This is 11 months. This girl has so much spunk.

She’s busy, loves to dance, yell, crawl, stand and climb. She knows what she wants and will let you know all about it. She’s either super friendly or super sensitive depending on the time of day.  

We love our Chandler Marie so much and are forever thankful she’s ours.


Weight/Height: 23lbs 

Hair/Eyes: Blondish hair coming in more and more every day! Loving pony tail life 🙂

 hazel eyes with a brown ring in the middle.

Diapers: Honest size 5s.

Clothes: 24 months, some 2 T.

Eating: Nursing 4 times  day, 1-2 at night. Breakfast is usually scrambled eggs and toast ( her favorite) . Lunch and dinner are Chandler’s biggest/ messiest meals of the day! Chicken,turkey, Greek yogurt, any pasta, cheese, green beans, black beans, avocado, clementines,watermelon, blackberries,  quesadillas, yogurt popsicles: just to name a few of her favorites! This girl knows how to eat and likes to make a mess doing it :)She’s great about using her sign language to let us know she wants more or is all done, but if you aren’t paying attention she’ll make sure to throw the food or her spoon on the ground to get noticed. 

Teeth: 8!

Sleeping: This month sleep has been MUCH better!  Daddy started going in and soothing her and laying her back down each time she would wake up and it only took a few days for her to start putting herself back to sleep and sleeping in longer stretches! Finally we are getting some rest around here. She usually sleeps from 7pm- 1am and then eats then back to bed until 3-4ish ( need to work on this one) and up for good at 7am. She takes two naps usually an hour long around 10 and 2:30. She won’t take a pacifier anymore but is just content with being rocked to sleep especially if i sing ” twinkle twinkle” .

Favorites: Climbing on all things, stairs, mommy, Cannon, being tickled, giving kisses, saying ” bye bye” and waving, blowing kisses, dancing, bath time, splashing, throwing all toys, chewing on everything, picking up ANYTHING on the ground to put in mouth, touch and feel books, singning,  eating, mimicking animal noises.


Chandler Marie- 10 months




We are less than two months away from a special little lady’s first birthday! This post is a couple weeks late because..well..because TWO mobile, all over the place, into everything babies! I can barely turn my head for one minute without the toddler trying to escape outside and the baby shoving something in her mouth ( probably something gross or semi dangerous).

Anyways, here are some stats on our spunky Chandler Marie at 10 months!

Chandler 10 Months

Weight/Height: around 23lbs 

Hair/Eyes: Eyes are still a blueish/grey with brown in the middle! She now has long enough hair for the cutest little curly pony tail on the top of her head. Her hair is still blonde and curly curly when its hot or humid out!

Diapers: Honest size 5s.

Clothes: 24 months, some 2 T.

Eating: Chandler really started spreading her nursing sessions out  this month. She breastfeeds 4-5 times a day, and once at night. She eats breakfast, lunch and dinner and usually one snack during the day. Favorites are avocado, turkey, yogurt, clementines, quesadillas, toast, cheese, peas , green beans & spaghetti. All time favorite : clementines— do not try to eat one around her without sharing!

Teeth: 8!

Sleeping: By the far the worst month of sleep yet! Some nights Chandler was up 8+ times (never sleeping longer than 2 hours) , some nights she ended up in our bed so we could get a couple hours in, but she still would wake up after 2 hours of sleep. She just wants mama and then she just wants to play. Her naps this month weren’t as bad as the night time sleeping but they weren’t great either. She usually takes two naps 10 am & 230— about an hour each. We took several car rides this month just so she would get some rest. We are all exhausted and hoping this next month we can solve these sleeping issues!

Favorites: Standing up on everything, trying to climb the stairs, playing with Cannon, chewing on everything she’s not allowed to, music , dancing, bath time, blowing kisses, chasing Cannon, clapping, toys that play music, cannons toy cars, climbing all over mommy and daddy, being held, touch and feel books, brushing her teeth, mr. potato head & giving lots of hugs and kisses!

Talking:  Chandler starting using her sign language a lot more this month ! She uses the sign for “more” , ” eat” and “all done”. She tries to do the sign for milk but normally just ends up doing “more”. She loves  to wave and say “hii”, she will mimic animal noises- her favorites are duck, bear, cow and dinosaur,  she says
“dadada”, she occasionally gets “ Mama” out but usually when we ask her to say mama she says “ baba” , she will try to sing along to itsy bitsy spider and its the sweetest thing ever!




I am off to plan a FIRST birthday party!

Xo- Sonia

Chandler Marie 8 months

Chandler is our sassy, fun, loud, charming EIGHT month old! She just keeps getting more lovable..we are having such a great time watching her grow! Chandler 8 Months Weight/Height: Around 23 lbs! Hair/Eyes: Still blonde and still curly when humid! … Continue reading

It’s happening before my eyes!

After blogging for a couple of years- I see the pattern. I have to say I am someone who is very in-touch with my emotions. Probably because I am female but also because of my career choice. That being said- I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Due to being sick for the last 48hours I have done a lot of calm relaxing meditation type music and thinking. Tears automatically come to my eyes with the thought of Elle and Parker.

I just remember growing up thinking wow 30 is old, and 70 in ancient. I will always picture my Grandparents as 60. It’s hard for me to believe that my parents are in their 50’s , because my Dad I swear still looks like he is 33, right after Carly was born.

I always hear it goes so fast, and kids grow up in a blink of an eye. I know it’s so cliche and we hear it a million times. BUT- it truly doesn’t hit you in the face until it’s happening to you!

Elle will be 3! HOW AM I GOING TO HAVE A 3 Year old??

i am truly and utterly so proud of her.

she transformed from an only child to a brave big sister! All of a sudden she has to share her toys and her time with Momma and Daddy. Now she is being scolded for grabbing things out of her brother’s hands when that use to be cute when she grabbed things out of my hands.

Now, shes bringing wipes and diapers to me and helping show Parker where the trash can is to throw his own wet diaper away. Elle will only throw wet diapers away not dirty ones.

Thank you Elle for being you. They love eachother so much!

image image image

I am so proud of you my sweet heart!


a mother’s heart is always with her children.

Happy Fall! Tomorrow my sister will be having her twin identical baby boys! Then Cooper will be transformed into a big brother.

Oh how the world turns